Strike of Dawn & Jester of Dusk (暁天の閃撃&宵闇の道化) is the Free Card Deck of Booster 11: Battleground of the Shrine Maidens. It can be downloaded from here.

Unlike the previous Free Card Deck, this deck contains more than 50 cards (excluding Player cards). It contains 54 cards in total, including one Player card and three extra cards.

Card List

Color Number Card Name Type Quantity
White F17-001 Kagura Miko, Ocicat Z/X 4
White F17-002 Holy Beast, Aura Izuna Z/X 1
White F17-003 Lawbringer, Kongur Z/X 4
White F17-004 Plaisir the Pleasure Z/X 4
White F17-005 Flashing Meteor Kick, Tirich Mir Z/X 4
White F17-006 Pionnier the Forerunner Z/X 4
White F17-007 Harmonic Star Hammer, Marteau Z/X 4
Black F17-008 Unexpected Ambush, Hinterhalt Z/X 4
Black F17-009 Leaping Ace Attacker Z/X 4
Black F17-010 Rolling Clock Gear Z/X 4
Black F17-011 Hatmaker of the Wonderland, Mad Hatter Z/X 4
Black F17-012 Crazed Skeleton, Bone Rocker Z/X 4
Black F17-013 Alice of the Eccentric World Z/X 4
Black F17-014 Mold Weathering Event 4
White F17-015 Misaki Yuzuriha Player 1
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