Kaiten Mutenmaru (回転むてん丸) is the Free Card Deck of the Extra Pack with the same name. It can be downloaded from here.

Card List

Color Number Card Name Type Quantity
Blue F15-001 Soothing Song, Umimi Z/X 4
Blue F15-002 Neko Neko Gang Big Sis, Siam Z/X 4
Blue F15-003 Sincere Samurai, Mutenmaru Z/X 2
Blue F15-004 True Hero, Shinobu Z/X 4
Blue F15-005 5th Anchor 4, Anchor Gill Z/X 4
Blue F15-006 Chef of Choral, Tetsujin Z/X 4
Blue F15-007 Ninety Nine Kunai Event 3
Black F15-008 Doctor Who Loves Little Sister, Thia Z/X 4
Black F15-009 Crystal Devil, Crocell Z/X 4
Black F15-010 Unlucky Little Rascals, Leo Leo Giza Gang Z/X 4
Black F15-011 Mad Scientist, Thia Z/X 3
Black F15-012 Conflict Between Freedom and Bonds, Sisera Z/X 4
Black F15-013 Cocoon of Devil King, Kid Z/X 4
Black F15-014 Fatal Storm Event 2
Blue F15-015 Mutenmaru Player 1
Black F15-016 Sick Valachlorophenol Player 1
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