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XI Flags, Frederica (XIフラッグス フレデリカ Irebun Furaggusu Furederika), or simply known as Frederica, is the Partner Z/X of Yutaka Tenryu and member of the "XI Flags".

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

A hero who fought through the revolutionary war as the admiral of Mermaid fleet known as XI Flags. While she usually act and speak in courageous and tomboyish manner, she become timid if she kept away from music.

She grew unaccustomed with Blue World that has became peaceful and left to live above the ground, but her quality as a "Key" was discovered, and she fell into the hands of Dingir. Although she opposed to releasing the seal of the gods, she could not stand seeing the condition of Pecteilis who was debilitated by the influence of Dingir like her, and perform the disenchanting song together with the other Key. Allowing the second advent of gods.

Although the second advent itself was completed in imperfect state as the result, she temporarily separate herself from XI Flags because of her guilt. With her body wounded from beating, she sets out to find a Z/X user that would cooperate to fight against the Dingir, but she exhausted her strength and passed out.

After that, she made a contract to become the partner of Yutaka Tenryu who saved her life after several complications. Furthermore, she was given power from Tsubasa Ikaruga who recognized her intention to fight against the Dingir, and become an "Asipu".

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