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Fox Spirit (妖狐 Yōko) is a group of fox-like Mythos in the Red World.

In the Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG, the majority of member of this group also has Braver as their secondary Tribe (or primary Tribe in some case).

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Group of Mythos that practices black magic. They all longed for Dakki who was recorded in various legends, and flocked to the fox-eared Braver to join her.

However, they all received cold treatment from Dakki who disliked crowds. In spite of that, they keep following her even after being hurt and driven away, and their management is later given to Kokibi—Dakki's favorite bird Mythos.

In order to reduce their number, Dakki imposed an admission condition that they have to be Mythos with fox ears and tails. Most of the applicants that didn't meet the condition are able to acquire them after focusing their thoughts and efforts towards Dakki, and the screening plan is said to end in disappointing failure.

They received some magical power from Dakki as a token, and close cooperation is only possible between the Fox Spirits.

Tamamo, who had a rivalry with Dakki, is monitoring their movement. She states that she won't join the team "even if you put me at the top" and "even if you made me the leader", but of course, nobody takes her seriously.


With a few exceptions, most members of this group are based on various fox spirits and other fox-like beings from Japanese and Asian mythology.


Name Cost Power Basis
Thousand Years Fox Spirit Courtesan, Dakki 5 7500 Daji (妲己 Dakki)
Glamorous Fox Spirit, Dakki 6 9000
Extravagant Fox Spirit, Tamamo 100 11000 Tamamo-no-Mae
Three-Tailed Fox Spirit, Mikuzume 4 6000
Apprentice Fox Spirit, Yako 3 3500 Yako (野狐 "field fox")
Great Hermit Fox Spirit, Senko 15 7500 Senko (仙狐 "wizard fox")
Supernatural Fox Spirit, Kuko 2 1500 Kūko (空狐 "sky fox")
Immortal-Awakened Fox Spirit, Kiko 3 4500 Kiko (気狐 "spirit fox")
Scorching Claw Fox Spirit, Kokuko 4 6000 Kokuko (黒狐 "black fox")
Blazefly Dance Fox Spirit, Hoji 4 4500 Bao Si (褒姒 Hōji)
Happiness-Gaining Fox Spirit, Inari 3 4500 Inari Ōkami
Sunshower Love Fox Spirit, Kuzunoha 10 8000 Kuzunoha
Feigning Fox Spirit, Shoro 3 4500 Shoroshorogitsune (ショロショロ狐)
Entertaining Fox Spirit, Ototo 5 7500 Otonjorō (おとん女郎)
Relishing Fox Spirit, Soutan 12 10500 Sōtangitsune (宗旦狐)
Bewitching Nature Fox Spirit, Kurama 2 3000 Kurama Tengu
Graceful Bird Commander of Fox Spirit, Kokibi 6 9000 Jiutou Zhiji Jing (胡喜媚 Kokibi)
Moonlight Fox Spirit, Ginko 6 8000 Ginko (銀狐 "silver fox")


Name Cost Type
Fox Spirit Dance "Moonlight Crimson" 0 Event

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