Four Wicked Stars (四凶星 Yotsumagaboshi) is the title given to four Predator in the Black World.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Title given to 4 highest-ranked Predator, who has taken a large number of human life. Sieger and Hoelscher used to be constant frequenter in the strife to win the title first place, but the ranking has not been updated since pure human beings in the Black World become extinct, and the final ranking was never revealed.

The system to tally the number of hunted souls is developed by the corporate giant Ghoul who control all sorts of information. After its essential duty is finished, the system is purchased by Hydra Foundation and Dagon Cartel at high price. Of course, it was used to tally the number of souls dispersed by the Eight Souls of the Black Sword.


Name Cost Power
Four Wicked Stars - Hoelscher the Venomous 7 10500
Four Wicked Stars - Demonic Beast of Demise, Ende 6 9000


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