Four Insect Sovereigns (四皇蟲 Shikōchū) are four human-type Plasect that act as Yggdrasil's terminal.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Four unique human-type individuals possessing high intelligence to command the Plasects. They are created by Great Tree Yggdrasil to function as terminal.

While each of them were in charge of Asia, Europe, Africa, and the South and North America area respectively in the Green World, they are being gathered to the Present World Japan that has become the main point of conflict with the parallel worlds. Though they are human-type, they lacks emotional ups and downs and bases their action on rationality.


Name Cost Power
Four Insect Sovereigns - Derangement Empress, Hell Thorn 7 10500
Four Insect Sovereigns - Rupture Blade King, Mantis Burg 8 11000
Four Insect Sovereigns - Slavery Queen, Vesparose 7 10500
Four Insect Sovereigns - Fragment Jaw King, Thunder Atlas 5 7500


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