Force Zone (フォースゾーン Fōsu Zōn) is the zone where a Force is placed.

Similar to Temporary, this zone does not physically exist on the playing field, and the Force itself is located under the card with Force during game.

Comprehensive Rules

312 Force Zone

  • 312.1 Zone where cards that was put as Force (1009.1) during the game is placed. Cards put in the Force Zone are called as "Force".
  • 312.2 Force Zone is a public zone. It is possible to arbitrarily change the order of cards in Force Zone.
  • 312.3 Cards put as Force is connected with any one card on Square. The connection is shown by placing the cards put as Force stacked under the connected card.
  • 312.3a A certain card currently connected with Force is written as "with Force", and as "without Force" if that card currently does not.
  • 312.3b A Force connected to certain card is written as "(that card)'s Force".

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