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Flags (フラッグス Furaggusu) is a group of Mermaid that was paired with Metal Fortress.

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The next form of Mermaid, those who equipped with Dress specialized for group actions at the bottom of the sea.

They are basically the same as "XI Flags". Mermaid, who was responsible for the singing, was paired together with Metal Fortress, who was responsible for the stage performance as well as being the stage themselves.

In the time of action, the Metal Fortress either utilize their transformation or shoot out musical instruments. The Metal Fortress' high-spirited rhythm, combined with the Mermaid's melody, greatly enliven their live performance as well as boasting unparalleled strength in both underwater and surface battle.

During their planning stage, there was a plan to change their existing name into "LXIV Flags" and increase their member by the person in charge who tends to bring their own preferences into work. However, with opposing opinions such as "That greedy limit establishment will only wring your neck" "Isn't it ε17 that being greedy? Don't be stupid. I'll get it done! However, it's impossible with so many distractions of yours. So let's quit it" "64... mass production model... Nanao... please don't bring up the trauma..." flooded in, the plan was shelved.

In the time of peace, they works as the apprentice as well as backup dancer of the "XI Flags".


Name Cost Power
Ripple Flags, Tatiana 4 6000
Rainy Flags, Malta 4 4000
Coast Flags, Thierry 5 7500
Pop Flags, Lily 3 4500
Rainbow Flags, Ningal 6 9000
Ocean Flags, Nammu 7 10500
Bright Flags, Trym 5 7500
Flags Santa, Schubart 3 4500
Tide Flags, Amalia 3 4500
Calm Flags, Lucienne 4 6000
Breeze Flags, Melinda 7 10500
Clear Flags, Simone 3 4500
Ray Flags, Chambers 6 7500
Delta Flags, Marion 2 3000
Shiny Flags, Ethel 3 4500
Gust Flags, Lucrecia 5 7500
Storm Flags, Clark 4 5000
Tidal Flags, Lesty 5 7500
Bay Flags, Johanna 2 3000

In addition, all members of "XI Flags" are technically counts as part of this group.

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