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Five Chiefs (五頭領 Gotōryō) are the leaders of five Lycanthrope villages in the Green World.

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Many Lycanthrope lives in the Green World even though the plants grow rampant, the soil is barren, places to have a satisfactory life is limited, and only 5 settlement that maintains large influence existed. Those places were called "Five Great Villages", and are similar to sacred place for the Lycanthrope.

The "Five Great Villages" has a mysterious mound that was handed down for generations, the branch of Yggdrasil does not extend around the center of the mound, and it is said to protect the ground which is more fertile compared to others. The leaders who supervise the "Five Great Villages" were called Five Chiefs.

The Five Chiefs is not a hereditary system. A person with pure strength and prominent leadership point in the village will naturally ascend to the position, in some cases, a person born with special power may also become a young chief. Their most important duty is to protect the mound from the outsiders.

The Five Chiefs does not function as a particular decision-making body for the unified Lycanthrope, some village join the Hourai in attacks against the other worlds, a village attempt to interact with the other worlds, and there's a village that led an isolated life from the others. In addition, their relationship with the Eight Great Dragon Kings also differ depending on each villages and the Eight Great Dragon Kings. In order to protect the village, there seems to be a person who vigilantly aim for the power of Mougi held by the Eight Great Dragon Kings.

"28 July 2020" addition

Due to a direct appeal from the neglected populace to the other Five Chiefs, Guile Tusk, who disappeared after being defeated with force, was officially expelled. According to the custom, the one who defeated him—Feuille—will inherit the title to become a new Five Chiefs, but since she hate losing her freedom and keep refusing, Were-Jaguar finally gave up the negotiation.

"Just gather anyone who want to be one in a game of cops and robbers"

The one who won the extreme cops and robbers, Were-Cat, possessed an uncontrollable personality beyond that of Feuille. All members of "New Five Chiefs"—who formed a counterpart with the Five Chiefs—collectively said "how loose", while Were-Tiger, the head of the Five Chiefs, is greatly troubled.


All original members of this group are based on one of the cat species. In addition, this group also has a "successor" group in the form of the "New Five Chiefs".

Name Cards Cost Power
Were-Jaguar Five Chiefs - Heavenly Eye Ninja, Were-Jaguar 7 10500
Five Chiefs - Were-Jaguar, Lollipop Girl 5 6000
Five Chiefs - Gale Ninja, Were-Jaguar 4 2000
Were-Panther Five Chiefs - Swiftfoot Brawler, Were-Panther 5 7500
Five Chiefs - Blessed Sharpfoot, Were-Panther 7 9000
Were-Tiger Five Chiefs - Fate Chivalry, Were-Tiger 7 9000
Five Chiefs - Nailblade King, Were-Tiger 5 7500
Guile Tusk[1] Five Chiefs - Heavenly Ear Ruffian, Guile Tusk 9 11000
Were-Cougar Five Chiefs - Fickle Swordsmaster, Were-Cougar 6 8000
Were-Cat Five Chiefs - Outflowing Princess, Were-Cat 6 9000
Feuille[2] Alter Sly, Feuille of the Five Chiefs 3 4500
  1. No longer a member in the story.
  2. "Alter" of Feuille, not an actual member in the story.

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