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Fam. (ファム Famu) is a group of machines with factors of both Killer Machine and Metal Fortress.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Killer Machine, beings that was far from the intention of their creator as "adorable friends that you can snuggle and bonded with".
Metal Fortress, that was unable to play an active part in the last Exorcision War against the Dingir and their followers since they were too huge and unadaptable.

Brand new machines in the Blue World, realized by the technology offered from Administrator Canopus to Administrator Denebola, as beings with improved factors from both Killer Machine and Metal Fortress. That was Fam.

Fam. takes the form of small animal or child composed of mechanical parts as their base form. Naturally, they are also equipped with the ability to mimic or turn into objects, as well as autonomous AI similar to the Metal Fortress. They can also show human-like manners such as repeating commands through trial-and-error, or displaying funny gestures. On the other hand, they didn't lost their fighting capability as Killer Machine, and in the time of emergency, it is possible for them to put on heavy weapon back units and join the battlefield.


Name Cost Power
Fam. Superior Circus 3 4500
Fam. Apple Strike 3 4500
Fam. Assault Pixie 5 4500
Fam. Elegance Gardener 2 1000
Fam. Formula Priest 7 10500
Fam. Smile Magician 1 500
Fam. Blitz Heart 6 7000
Fam. Medic Rouge 2 3000
Fam. Noir Bullet 3 4500
Fam. Resound Voice 4 5000
Fam. Loving Cook 5 7000
Alter Fam. Synchrotron[1] 3 4500
  1. "Alter" of Synchrotron, not an actual "Fam." in the story.

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