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Idol♪Summer Lesson (アイドル♪サマーレッスン Aidoru Samā Ressun) is the thirty-third Extra Pack for the Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG.


  • The set's tagline is "All of the idols are here! Let's have a nice summer!" (アイドル丸ごと全部入り!楽しい夏を過ごそうよ!)
  • Includes the "Arc Z/X", "Start Resource", and "Player Extra" for "SHiFT" and "iDA" idol Z/X group.
  • Each sealed packs of this set comes with a voting ticket for "Z/X iDOL project situational voice" vote.


Each packs contain 4 cards and each boxes contain 10 packs. There are 73 cards in total + 24 holographic cards, excluding special cards.

  • Rare: 24 (+ 24 Hologram Rare)
  • Legend Rare: 16
  • Wonder Rare: 12
  • Revolution Rare: 12
  • Mugen Rare: 8
  • Ultra Rare: 1

Card List

Color Number Name Type Rarity Notes
Green E33-001 Prism, Excited with Expectations Z/X R Start Resource
Green E33-002 Powerful Lesson, Prism Z/X R Ignition
Black E33-003 Nu, Looking Forward with Determination Z/X R Start Resource
Black E33-004 Warming Lesson, Nu Z/X R Ignition
Red E33-005 Marie, Beyond the Scenery in Sight Z/X R Start Resource
Red E33-006 Balance Lesson, Marie Z/X R Ignition
Red E33-007 Ugly, Moment Spent Together Z/X R Start Resource
Red E33-008 Stretch Lesson, Ugly Z/X R Ignition
White E33-009 Pecteilis, Having Fun Strolling Z/X R Start Resource
White E33-010 Running Lesson, Pecteilis Z/X R Ignition
Black E33-011 Cana, Occasionally Helping Each Other Z/X R Start Resource
Black E33-012 Exercise Lesson, Cana Z/X R Ignition
Green E33-013 Arane, Aiming for the Ideals Z/X R Start Resource
Green E33-014 Voice Lesson, Arane Z/X R Ignition
Blue E33-015 Enju, Scenery Reflected in the Eyes Z/X R Start Resource
Blue E33-016 Dance Lesson, Enju Z/X R Ignition
E33-017 Prism Voting Ticket Marker R
E33-018 Nu Voting Ticket Marker R
E33-019 Marie Voting Ticket Marker R
E33-020 Ugly Voting Ticket Marker R
E33-021 Pecteilis Voting Ticket Marker R
E33-022 Cana Voting Ticket Marker R
E33-023 Arane Voting Ticket Marker R
E33-024 Enju Voting Ticket Marker R
Green E33-025 SPECIAL LIVE!! Prism Z/X LR Void Bringer
Green E33-026 Beachside Smile, Prism Z/X LR
Black E33-027 SPECIAL LIVE!! Nu Z/X LR Void Bringer
Black E33-028 Jet Girl of Water Surface, Nu Z/X LR
Red E33-029 SPECIAL LIVE!! Marie Z/X LR Void Bringer
Red E33-030 Pleasant Time, Marie Z/X LR
Red E33-031 SPECIAL LIVE!! Ugly Z/X LR Void Bringer
Red E33-032 Taking Aim, Ugly Z/X LR
White E33-033 SPECIAL LIVE!! Pecteilis Z/X LR Void Bringer
White E33-034 Tropical Time, Pecteilis Z/X LR
Black E33-035 SPECIAL LIVE!! Cana Z/X LR Void Bringer
Black E33-036 Sunlight Swing, Cana Z/X LR
Green E33-037 SPECIAL LIVE!! Arane Z/X LR Void Bringer
Green E33-038 Excellent Float, Arane Z/X LR
Blue E33-039 SPECIAL LIVE!! Enju Z/X LR Void Bringer
Blue E33-040 Beachside Sweets, Enju Z/X LR
Red Green E33-041 The Sparkling Diva, Prism Z/X WR
Blue Black E33-042 The Graceful Diva, Nu Z/X WR
White Red E33-043 The Cute Diva, Marie Z/X WR
Black Red E33-044 The Shining Diva, Ugly Z/X WR
Green White E33-045 The Leading Diva, Pecteilis Z/X WR
Red Black E33-046 The Happy Diva, Cana Z/X WR
Black Green E33-047 The Wishing Diva, Arane Z/X WR
Green Blue E33-048 The Charming Diva, Enju Z/X WR
Blue E33-049 Ocean Stage, Polaris Z/X WR
E33-050 Dynamis Singing Voice, Enlil Z/X WR
Colorless E33-051 Miracle Summer Dream Event WR
Colorless E33-052 Chaos x Idol ~MGR Secret~ Event WR
Red E33-053 Tranquil Moment EV EX RR
Blue E33-054 Midnight Battle EV EX RR
White E33-055 Afterbath Pleasure EV EX RR
Black E33-056 Exciting Courage Test EV EX RR
Green E33-057 Tabletop Decisive Match EV EX RR
Red E33-058 One Summer Memory EV EX RR
Black E33-059 Fireworks Illumination EV EX RR
Green E33-060 Secret Sweets Time EV EX RR
Red Black E33-061 Shifradi! On Record, Arane & Prism Shift RR
Red Green E33-062 Shifradi! On Record, Pecteilis & Cana Shift RR
Blue Black E33-063 Shifradi! On Record, Ugly & Nu Shift RR
White Green E33-064 Shifradi! On Record, Enju & Marie Shift RR
Red E33-065 Prism Producer EX PL EX MGNR
Blue E33-066 Nu Producer EX PL EX MGNR
White E33-067 Marie Producer EX PL EX MGNR
Black E33-068 Ugly Producer EX PL EX MGNR
Green E33-069 Pecteilis Producer EX PL EX MGNR
Red E33-070 Cana Producer EX PL EX MGNR
Black E33-071 Arane Producer EX PL EX MGNR
Green E33-072 Enju Producer EX PL EX MGNR
Colorless E33-073 Idol♪Summer Lesson EV EX UR
Green E33-074 SPECIAL LIVE!! Prism Z/X SEC Void Bringer
Black E33-075 SPECIAL LIVE!! Nu Z/X SEC Void Bringer
Red E33-076 SPECIAL LIVE!! Marie Z/X SEC Void Bringer
Red E33-077 SPECIAL LIVE!! Ugly Z/X SEC Void Bringer
White E33-078 SPECIAL LIVE!! Pecteilis Z/X SEC Void Bringer
Black E33-079 SPECIAL LIVE!! Cana Z/X SEC Void Bringer
Green E33-080 SPECIAL LIVE!! Arane Z/X SEC Void Bringer
Blue E33-081 SPECIAL LIVE!! Enju Z/X SEC Void Bringer
Blue E33-082 Ocean Stage, Polaris Z/X SEC
E33-083 Dynamis Singing Voice, Enlil Z/X SEC

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