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Shiny Stage!! (シャイニーステージ!! Shainī Sutēji!!) is the twenty-ninth Extra Pack for the Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG.


  • The set's tagline is "Cute! Fun! Very nice! That brilliance is ours!" (かわいい!楽しい!超いい感じ!あの輝きはわたしたちのもの!)
  • Includes the "Alter", "Break Event", and "Alter Break" cards for the member of "SHiFT" idol Z/X group.
  • Includes cards that depicts the member of "SHiFT" as member of other category groups.
  • Includes CVR cards with foiled sign of "SHiFT" voice actresses.


Each packs contain 4 cards and each boxes contain 10 packs. There are 61 cards in total, excluding special cards.

  • Rare: 30
  • Reprint: 10
  • Super Rare: 10
  • Hologram Rare: 50 (holographic version of all Rare, Reprint and Super Rare)
  • Break Rare: 10
  • Ultra Rare: 1

Card List

Color Number Name Type Rarity Notes
Red E29-001 Burning Heat Transformant, Prism Z/X R Ignition
Red E29-002 Starbound Drummer, Prism Z/X R Ignition
Red E29-003 Alien Strawberry, Prism Z/X R
Red E29-004 Clumsy "Bull King", Prism Z/X R
Red E29-005 Colorful Sari, Prism Z/X R
Red E29-006 Starry Night Date, Prism Z/X SR Life Recovery
Red E29-007 Polar Bright Transformant, Prism Z/X SR
Red E29-008 Prism 2nd Single "Hoshifuru Silent Night" Event R
Blue E29-009 Flash Shaddow, Nu Z/X R Ignition
Blue E29-010 Spry Violinist, Nu Z/X R Ignition
Blue E29-011 Secret Favorite, Nu Z/X R
Blue E29-012 Observant "Sa Gojo", Nu Z/X R
Blue E29-013 Splendid Step, Nu Z/X R
Blue E29-014 Shopping Date, Nu Z/X SR Life Recovery
Blue E29-015 XIII Shaddow, Nu Z/X SR
Blue E29-016 Nu 2nd Single "NullPointerException" Event R
White E29-017 Radiant Saint of Brilliant Grace, Marie Z/X R
White E29-018 Pretty Bassist, Marie Z/X R Ignition
White E29-019 Morning Bunny, Marie Z/X R
White E29-020 Cute "Seiten Taisei", Marie Z/X R
White E29-021 Oktoberfest! Marie Z/X R
White E29-022 Lovely Date, Marie Z/X SR Life Recovery
White E29-023 Radiant Saint of Moon Affection, Marie Z/X SR
White E29-024 Marie 2nd Single "Read♥Atmosphere" Event R
Black E29-025 Mystic Eye of Sealed Time, Ugly Z/X R Ignition
Black E29-026 Melodious Keyboardist, Ugly Z/X R Ignition
Black E29-027 Welcome to the Sloth Land, Ugly Z/X R
Black E29-028 Wild "Cho Hakkai", Ugly Z/X R
Black E29-029 Joyful Indio, Ugly Z/X R
Black E29-030 Cheerful Date, Ugly Z/X SR Life Recovery
Black E29-031 Mystic Eye of Fascinating Star, Ugly Z/X SR
Black E29-032 Ugly 2nd Single "Koiseyo Otome 3.2.1.Q!!" Event R
Green E29-033 Piperi Magicall, Pecteilis Z/X R Ignition
Green E29-034 Natural Guitarist, Pecteilis Z/X R Ignition
Green E29-035 Salmon Festa! Pecteilis Z/X R
Green E29-036 Pureheart "Priest Sanzo", Pecteilis Z/X R
Green E29-037 Elegant Belly Dancer, Pecteilis Z/X R
Green E29-038 Euphoria Date, Pecteilis Z/X SR Life Recovery
Green E29-039 Lilian Magicall, Pecteilis Z/X SR
Green E29-040 Pecteilis 2nd Single "Asatte Kite ne?" Event R
Red E29-041 Starcraft Dancer, Prism Z/X R Void Bringer
Red E29-042 Passionate Golfer, Prism Z/X R Ignition
Blue E29-043 Martial Artist Who Aims High, Nu Z/X R Void Bringer
Blue E29-044 Wonderful Observation Diary, Nu Z/X R Ignition
White E29-045 Billion Empress, Marie Z/X R Void Bringer
White E29-046 First Potato Harvest, Marie Z/X R Ignition
Black E29-047 Troublesome Phantom Thief, Ugly Z/X R Void Bringer
Black E29-048 Princess Hope! Ugly Z/X R Ignition
Green E29-049 Sweet Hunter, Pecteilis Z/X R Void Bringer
Green E29-050 Pure Bud, Pecteilis Z/X R Ignition
Red E29-051 Break, Prism! EV EX BR
Blue E29-052 Break, Nu! EV EX BR
White E29-053 Break, Marie! EV EX BR
Black E29-054 Break, Ugly! EV EX BR
Green E29-055 Break, Pecteilis! EV EX BR
Red E29-056 Alter Break, Prism Z/X BR
Blue E29-057 Alter Break, Nu Z/X BR
White E29-058 Alter Break, Marie Z/X BR
Black E29-059 Alter Break, Ugly Z/X BR
Green E29-060 Alter Break, Pecteilis Z/X BR
Colorless E29-061 Carry the Thoughts and Create the Future EV EX UR
Red E29-062 Prism Producer Player CVR
Blue E29-063 Nu Producer Player CVR
White E29-064 Marie Producer Player CVR
Black E29-065 Ugly Producer Player CVR
Green E29-066 Pecteilis Producer Player CVR
Red E29-067 Starbound Drummer, Prism Z/X SEC Ignition
Red E29-068 Prism 2nd Single "Hoshifuru Silent Night" Event SEC
Blue E29-069 Spry Violinist, Nu Z/X SEC Ignition
Blue E29-070 Nu 2nd Single "NullPointerException" Event SEC
White E29-071 Pretty Bassist, Marie Z/X SEC Ignition
White E29-072 Marie 2nd Single "Read♥Atmosphere" Event SEC
Black E29-073 Melodious Keyboardist, Ugly Z/X SEC Ignition
Black E29-074 Ugly 2nd Single "Koiseyo Otome 3.2.1.Q!!" Event SEC
Green E29-075 Natural Guitarist, Pecteilis Z/X SEC Ignition
Green E29-076 Pecteilis 2nd Single "Asatte Kite ne?" Event SEC

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