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Secret☆Festival!! (シークレット☆フェスティバル!! Shīkuretto Fesutibaru!!) or Sec☆Fes for short is the twenty-eighth Extra Pack for the Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG.


  • The set's tagline is "Lots of glittering cards for the cute idols! Birth of the super pleasant holo pack!" (かわいいアイドルのキラキラカードがいっぱい!超いい感じのホロパック誕生!)
  • Includes the "Alter", "Break Event", and "Alter Break", as well as "Stage" and "Shift" cards for the member of "iDA" idol Z/X group.
  • Each packs of this set will always contain one Stage Rare, Break Rare, Shift Rare, or Secret card.


Each packs contain 3 cards and each boxes contain 5 packs. There are 30 cards in total, excluding special cards. Unlike previous sets, holographic version or non-reprint Rare cards in this set are only available as Secret.

  • Rare: 9
  • Reprint: 6
  • Stage Rare: 3
  • Shift Rare: 3
  • Break Rare: 9

Special Privileges

Card List

Color Number Name Type Rarity Notes
Red E28-001 Innocent Date, Cana Z/X BR Life Recovery
Red E28-002 Love-Singing Young Bird, Cana Z/X R Ignition
Red E28-003 Loves to Draw! Cana Z/X R
Red E28-004 Smash Ace, Cana Z/X R
Red E28-005 Innocent Young Miko, Cana Shift SFR
Red E28-006 Cana 1st Single "Yuki Kizuna" Event STR
Red E28-007 Break, Cana! EV EX BR
Red E28-008 Alter Break, Cana Z/X BR
Black E28-009 Surprise Date, Arane Z/X BR Life Recovery
Black E28-010 Giving a Share of Happiness, Arane Z/X R Ignition
Black E28-011 Modest Rebelliousness, Arane Z/X R
Black E28-012 Vampire Trick, Arane Z/X R
Black E28-013 Marvelous Princess Miko, Arane Shift SFR
Black E28-014 Arane 1st Single "Vampire Dimension" Event STR
Black E28-015 Break, Arane! EV EX BR
Black E28-016 Alter Break, Arane Z/X BR
Green E28-017 Mysterious Date, Enju Z/X BR Life Recovery
Green E28-018 Catch Me, Enju Z/X R Ignition
Green E28-019 Delicious Home Cooking, Enju Z/X R
Green E28-020 Sweet Determining Dunk, Enju Z/X R
Green E28-021 Mysterious Miss Miko, Enju Shift SFR
Green E28-022 Enju 1st Single "Death Metal Onee-san" Event STR
Green E28-023 Break, Enju! EV EX BR
Green E28-024 Alter Break, Enju Z/X BR
Red E28-025 Goddess of Moonlight, Selene Z/X R Void Bringer
Red E28-026 Extravagant Fox Spirit, Tamamo Z/X R
Black E28-027 Seven Princesses of the Tombcastle - Fourth Princess, Saria Z/X R Ignition
Black E28-028 Seven Princesses of the Tombcastle - Fifth Princess, Herschel Z/X R
Green E28-029 Cutie Maid, Misohagi Z/X R
Green E28-030 Magnificent Snowflakes Event R
Red E28-031 Love-Singing Young Bird, Cana Z/X SEC Ignition
Red E28-032 Loves to Draw! Cana Z/X SEC
Red E28-033 Smash Ace, Cana Z/X SEC
Black E28-034 Giving a Share of Happiness, Arane Z/X SEC Ignition
Black E28-035 Modest Rebelliousness, Arane Z/X SEC
Black E28-036 Vampire Trick, Arane Z/X SEC
Green E28-037 Catch Me, Enju Z/X SEC Ignition
Green E28-038 Delicious Home Cooking, Enju Z/X SEC
Green E28-039 Sweet Determining Dunk, Enju Z/X SEC
Red E28-040 Heartful Fever! Cana Z/X SEC Void Bringer
Red E28-041 Fluffy Caretaker, Cana Z/X SEC
Red E28-042 Sweets Gift, Cana Z/X SEC
Black E28-043 Rooting for You! Arane Z/X SEC Void Bringer
Black E28-044 Grand Student Council President, Arane Z/X SEC
Black E28-045 Tsundere Valentine, Arane Z/X SEC
Green E28-046 Never Give Up! Enju Z/X SEC Void Bringer
Green E28-047 Blossom-Showered Lunch Break, Enju Z/X SEC
Green E28-048 Plenty of Love for You, Enju Z/X SEC
Red E28-049 Idea of Affection, Cana Z/X EX SEC
Black E28-050 Idea of Passion, Arane Z/X EX SEC
Green E28-051 Idea of Eternity, Enju Z/X EX SEC
Colorless E28-052 Change the World with Ideals and Dreams EV EX SEC
E28-053 "iDA" Wake Up! Shift SEC

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