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Azur Lane 2 (アズールレーン2 Azūru Rēn 2) is the twentieth Extra Pack for the Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG.


  • The set's tagline is "Kansen regather!" (艦船(KAN-SEN)、再集結!)
  • This set is the second collaboration with the "Azur Lane" mobile game after the previous one.
  • This set follows the similar structure as the previous collaboration set with some differences.
    • "Eagle Union" (ユニオン) and "Iron Blood" (鉄血) are the focus of this set.
    • "Royal Navy" (ロイヤル) and "Sakura Empire" (重桜) will also receive further support.
    • A portion of cards in this set still have multiple artworks. Cards with different artwork from their regular version are printed in either Enjoy Frame or its own specific frame.


Each packs contain 5 cards and each boxes contain 5 packs. Each boxes also comes with "Commander" Player Card. There are 49 cards in total + 43 holographic cards, excluding special cards.

  • Rare: 38
  • Reprint: 1
  • Super Rare: 4
  • Hologram Rare: 43 (holographic version of all Rare, Reprint and Super Rare)
  • Overboost Rare: 4
  • Stage Rare: 2

Card List

Color Number Name Type Rarity Notes
Red E20-001 I-19 Z/X R
Red E20-002 Z36 Z/X R Void Bringer
Red E20-003 Mutsuki Z/X R
Red E20-004 U-556 Z/X R
Red E20-005 Kisaragi Z/X R Ignition
Red E20-006 Z25 Z/X R Life Recovery
Red E20-007 Z23 - The Banquet's Honor Student Z/X R Start Card
Red E20-008 U-73 Z/X R
Red E20-009 U-81 Z/X R
Red E20-010 Kawakaze Z/X R
Red E20-011 U-47 Z/X R
Red E20-012 Admiral Graf Spee Z/X R
Red E20-013 I-26 Z/X R
Red E20-014 Zuikaku Z/X R
Red E20-015 Z35 Z/X R
Red E20-016 Shoukaku Z/X R
Red E20-017 Nagato Z/X SR
Red E20-018 Bismarck Z/X SR
Red E20-019 Z23 (Retrofit) Z/X EX R
Red E20-020 Z1 (Retrofit) Z/X EX R
Red E20-021 Prinz Eugen, Promise Ring of Oath Event R
Blue E20-022 Helena Z/X R Void Bringer
Blue E20-023 Albacore Z/X R
Blue E20-024 Cleveland Z/X R Ignition
Blue E20-025 Sheffield Z/X R Ignition
Blue E20-026 Honolulu Z/X R Life Recovery
Blue E20-027 Sirius Z/X R
Blue E20-028 St. Louis Z/X R
Blue E20-029 Newcastle Z/X R
Blue E20-030 Vestal Z/X R
Blue E20-031 Erebus Z/X R
Blue E20-032 Saratoga Z/X R
Blue E20-033 Terror Z/X R
Blue E20-034 Long Island Z/X R
Blue E20-035 Centaur Z/X R
Blue E20-036 Lexington Z/X R
Blue E20-037 Victorious Z/X SR
Blue E20-038 Essex Z/X SR
Blue E20-039 Duke of York Z/X R
Blue E20-040 Laffey (Retrofit) Z/X EX R
Blue E20-041 Long Island (Retrofit) Z/X EX R
Blue E20-042 Enterprise, Promise Ring of Oath Event R
Colorless E20-043 Trial Bulin MKII & Universal Bulin Z/X EX R
Red E20-044 Crimson Axis Event STR
Blue E20-045 Azur Lane Event STR
Red E20-046 Destiny Symphonic, Prinz Eugen Z/X OB OBR Upper Part
Red E20-047 Destiny Symphonic, Prinz Eugen Z/X OB OBR Lower Part
Blue E20-048 Marry Star, Enterprise Z/X OB OBR Upper Part
Blue E20-049 Marry Star, Enterprise Z/X OB OBR Lower Part
Colorless E20-050 Commander Player IGR
Colorless E20-051 Commander Player IGR
Colorless E20-052 Commander Player IGR
Colorless E20-053 Commander Player IGR
Colorless E20-054 Commander Player IGR
Colorless E20-055 Commander Player IGR
Colorless E20-056 Commander Player IGR
Colorless E20-057 Commander Player IGR

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