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Chibi☆Dragon (ちび☆ドラ Chibi Dora, an abbreviation of ちび・ドラゴン Chibi Doragon) is the sixteenth Extra Pack for the Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG.


  • The set's tagline is "Summer vacation—! Be a child and enjoy it to the fullest—" (なつやすみなのー!こどもになってめいっぱいたのしむのー)
  • Includes the "Shift" card for the six "Dragon Miko", depicting them and their respective partners in their childhood.
  • Includes more support for the "Dragon" Tribe.
  • Includes reprints of several "Dragon" support cards (with some as Rebuild cards) as well as errata for card in Seal God Designation.
  • The theme for cards with "Enjoy Frame" in this set is "summer day memories".


Each packs contain 4 cards and each boxes contain 10 packs. There are 59 cards in total + 49 holographic cards, excluding special cards.

  • Rare: 40
  • Reprint: 3
  • Super Rare: 6
  • Hologram Rare: 49 (holographic version of all Rare, Reprint and Super Rare)
  • Overboost Rare: 4
  • Shift Rare: 6

Card List

Color Number Name Type Rarity Notes
Red E16-001 Flower Tunnel Exploration Team, Echidna Z/X R
Red E16-002 Encounter in the Spring, Semargl Z/X SR
Red E16-003 High-Spirited Courage Test, Cross Spear Z/X R
Red E16-004 Crimson-Severing Cross, Lord Crimson Z/X R Void Bringer
Red E16-005 Crimson Punishment Blade, Cardinal Blade Z/X R Ignition
Red E16-006 Jet Touring, Lord Crimson Z/X R
Red E16-007 Glorious Scarlet Spear, Lord Crimson Z/X R
Blue E16-008 Flag on the Beach, Reda Z/X R
Blue E16-009 Festival Music Heard in the Dream, Menotti Z/X R
Blue E16-010 Splash Shooter, Frederica Z/X SR
Blue E16-011 Azure-Severing Cross, Helical Fort Z/X R Void Bringer
Blue E16-012 Blue Sky Cannonlord, Drive Pinion Z/X R Ignition
Blue E16-013 Water Scooter, Helical Fort Z/X R
Blue E16-014 Helix Dragon, Helical Fort Z/X R
White E16-015 Way to Spend through Intense Heat, Miseri Z/X R
White E16-016 Waking from Nap, Shiramine Z/X R
White E16-017 Ten Radiant Saints - Dreaming Alpamayo Z/X SR
White E16-018 Light-Severing Cross, Innocent Star Z/X R Void Bringer
White E16-019 Pure White Silverflash, Holy Sky Z/X R Ignition
White E16-020 Banana Boat, Innocent Star Z/X R
White E16-021 Glittering Skyflash, Innocent Star Z/X R
Black E16-022 Ice Cream of Joy and Lament, Maeror Z/X R
Black E16-023 Round and Round Memorial, Catherine Z/X R
Black E16-024 Wonderful Float, Nei the Tombcastle Princess Z/X SR
Black E16-025 Darkness-Severing Cross, Realm Razer Z/X R Void Bringer
Black E16-026 Jet-Black Declination, Destiny Bane Z/X R Ignition
Black E16-027 Sun Oil Bottle, Realm Razer Z/X R
Black E16-028 Devastation Dragon, Realm Razer Z/X R
Green E16-029 Startling Courage Test, Iroha Z/X R
Green E16-030 Usual Summer Were-Rabbit Z/X R
Green E16-031 Canna, the End of Dream, Fireworks, and Summer Z/X SR
Green E16-032 Verdure-Severing Cross, Noble Grove Z/X R Void Bringer
Green E16-033 Jasper Arch Flash, Ivy Wing Z/X R Ignition
Green E16-034 Sunset Beach Ball, Noble Grove Z/X R
Green E16-035 Cherry Blossom Dragon, Noble Grove Z/X R
Colorless E16-036 Meiraru & Yui Z/X R
Colorless E16-037 Nino & Kushuru Z/X R
Colorless E16-038 Ea & Barahara Z/X R
Colorless E16-039 Sky-Severing Cross, Last Theorem Z/X R Void Bringer
Colorless E16-040 Spiritfire Searing Dragon, Astveria Z/X R Ignition
Colorless E16-041 Glossy Fan Dancing in Evening, Last Theorem Z/X R
Colorless E16-042 Surging Waves of the Ocean, Reductonum Z/X SR
Colorless E16-043 Great Sky Dragonwake, Theogonius Z/X R
Colorless E16-044 Guardian of Energeia Event R
Colorless E16-045 Theogonius, Prayer of the Earth Gifts Event R
White E16-046 Fluffy Purge, Malchidael Z/X R Ignition
Green E16-047 Fate Escort, Were-Cat Z/X R Void Bringer
Green E16-048 Breath of the Green Dragon Event R
Green E16-049 Di Gi Charat, Oath to the Big Actress, nyo Event R
Colorless E16-050 Earth Gifts Prayer, Theogonius Z/X OB OBR Upper Part
Colorless E16-051 Earth Gifts Prayer, Theogonius Z/X OB OBR Lower Part
Green E16-052 Princess Chocola, Di Gi Charat Z/X OB OBR Upper Part
Green E16-053 Princess Chocola, Di Gi Charat Z/X OB OBR Lower Part
Red E16-054 "Origin Shift" Torchlight Maiden, Meiraru Shift SFR
Blue E16-055 "Origin Shift" Skypierce Maiden, Yui Shift SFR
White E16-056 "Origin Shift" Lightdawn Maiden, Nino Shift SFR
Black E16-057 "Origin Shift" Darksway Maiden, Barahara Shift SFR
Green E16-058 "Origin Shift" Greensprout Maiden, Kushuru Shift SFR
Colorless E16-059 "Origin Shift" Birthsource Maiden, Ea Shift SFR
Black E16-060 Prelude to Collapse Event UR
Red E16-061 Red Dragon Miko, Meiraru Player IGR
Blue E16-062 Blue Dragon Miko, Yui Player IGR
White E16-063 White Dragon Miko, Nino Player IGR
Black E16-064 Black Dragon Miko, Barahara Player IGR
Green E16-065 Green Dragon Miko, Kushuru Player IGR
Colorless E16-066 Dragon Miko of the Beginning, Ea Player IGR
Colorless E16-067 Meiraru & Yui Z/X R
Colorless E16-068 Nino & Kushuru Z/X R
Colorless E16-069 Ea & Barahara Z/X R
Colorless E16-070 Theogonius, Prayer of the Earth Gifts Event R
Colorless E16-071 Guardian of Energeia Event R
Green E16-072 Di Gi Charat, Oath to the Big Actress, nyo Event R

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