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E☆2 (E☆2(えつ) Etsu) is the twelfth Extra Pack for the Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG.


See also: Reservation Campaign
  • The set's tagline is "Please look forward to Etsumin's activity★" (えつみんの活躍にご期待ください★)
  • This pack is a collaboration with "E☆2" magazine, turning many illustrations from said magazine into cards.
  • All cards in this set are printed in Enjoy Frame.
  • Includes cards with similar ability to existing cards as well as upgraded version of popular cards from the past.
  • Each color in this set featured illustrations from specific illustrator.
  • E☆2 official character, "Etsumin", is also featured as Z/X Overboost with her cards being drawn by various illustrators.


Each packs contain 5 cards and each boxes contain 5 packs. Each boxes of Extra Pack 12 also comes with "Etsumin" Player Card. There are 38 cards in total + 34 holographic cards, excluding special cards.

  • Rare: 30
  • Super Rare: 4
  • Hologram Rare: 34 (holographic version of all Rare and Super Rare)
  • Overboost Rare: 4

Card List

Color Number Name Type Rarity Notes
Red E12-001 Cheerful Miko, Komomo Z/X R Void Bringer
Red E12-002 Might Be Late! Mai Z/X R Ignition
Red E12-003 Midsummer Innocence, Kurumi Z/X R Ignition
Red E12-004 Close Sisters, Kurumi & Shizuku Z/X R Start Card
Red E12-005 Welcome to the Tea Party, Kurumi Z/X R
Red E12-006 Familial Little Sister, Shizuku Z/X R
Red E12-007 Pure Wedding, Shizuku Z/X SR
Red E12-008 In High Spirits Today, Kei Z/X EX R
Blue E12-009 Physical Education Time, Sumika Aoyama Z/X R Void Bringer
Blue E12-010 Coffee Shop Clerk, Sumika Aoyama Z/X R Ignition
Blue E12-011 In Newlywed Mood, Rika Shiramine Z/X R Ignition
Blue E12-012 Close Classmates, Shiramine-san & Aoyama-san Z/X R Start Card
Blue E12-013 Short Break Timing, Rika Shiramine Z/X R
Blue E12-014 Part-Time Job, Rika Shiramine Z/X R
Blue E12-015 Autumn Leaves Harmony, Sumika Aoyama Z/X SR
Blue E12-016 Don't Like the Heat, Sumika Aoyama Z/X EX R
White E12-017 Love the Master, Ten-chan Z/X SR
White E12-018 Today Is Beach Date! Ten-chan Z/X R Ignition
White E12-019 Leave the Cooking to Me? Ten-chan Z/X R Life Recovery
White E12-020 Best Friend No.1, Tsukimi & Yukimi Z/X R Start Card
White E12-021 Latest in Fashion☆Haruka-chan Z/X R
White E12-022 Always Do Her Best, Cocoa-chan Z/X R
White E12-023 Lovely Big Sister, Uta-chan Z/X R
White E12-024 A Fluffy Day, Cocoa-chan Z/X EX R
Green E12-025 Surprise Easter, Moca the Rabbit Z/X R Life Recovery
Green E12-026 Close Friends, Kuro & Moca Z/X R Start Card
Green E12-027 Squishy Cute, Momo the Bear Z/X R Ignition
Green E12-028 Summer Only for Us, Ren Ogawa Z/X R
Green E12-029 Tsundere Summer, Kuro the Cat Z/X R
Green E12-030 Mysterious Girl, Aria Z/X R
Green E12-031 Sweet Summer Vacation, Momo the Bear Z/X SR
Green E12-032 Kitty Maid, Momo the Bear Z/X EX R
Colorless E12-033 Happy Anniversary, Etsumin Z/X EX R
Colorless E12-034 New Part-Timer, Oath of Etsumin Event R
Colorless E12-035 Hello Good Day, Etsumin Z/X OB OBR Upper Part
Colorless E12-036 Hello Good Day, Etsumin Z/X OB OBR Lower Part
Colorless E12-037 Do My Best! Etsumin Z/X OB OBR Upper Part
Colorless E12-038 Do My Best! Etsumin Z/X OB OBR Lower Part
Colorless E12-039 Etsumin Player IGR
Colorless E12-040 New Part-Timer, Oath of Etsumin Event R

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