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Exorcision War (討祓戦 Tōbatsusen) is the event that serves as culmination of the conflict with the Dingir. It is told during the Heroic Saga G event, and is also the main focus of said event.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Battle of humans and dragons to counter the final war conducted by Dingir Enlil.

After the Dingir put the "Neo Schuster" that was deployed deep below Nagoya under their control, they developed sonic weapon "viral voice" that forcibly incinerates humanity (it forcibly mechanize humanity when it was developed by the Blue World). By adding it to the singing voice of Type.XIII whom everyone listen to, and spreading it through the Killer Machine and some Metal Fortress, they caused enormous damage in various places. Countless "Qillatu" with high Depth also rampaged after they appeared through the "Divine Gate" that fell from the White World. Furthermore, "The One", strongest individual created by the Red World, and even Uriel, originally the most powerful person on the White World, simultaneously became the follower of Dingir and brought merciless judgment to the humans and dragons.

The gods miscalculated.

Humanity has greatly progressed ever since the "Godbreaker War" where Dingir Gilgamesh descended.
The Five Worlds that usually planning to destroy each others has united.
They are prepared with concrete means to oppose the Dingir, such as "Asipu".
Dragon Miko, who took the stance of supporting humanity from the sidelines, has come to the battlefield.
Cthulhu, visitor from the Othersea and the natural enemies of the Dingir, has intervened.

The gods have no choice but to admit. Their own defeat. The strength of the people.

The following are "result from the perspective of humans and dragons" for major battles of "Exorcision War" and "certain personal struggles" that happened simultaneously with it.

No Dingir Faction Humans & Dragons Faction Result
First Viral Voice Army
※ Killer Machine "Qillatu"
vs Yamato Tennoji & Crepus
Black World Z/X
Sweeping Victory
2nd "The One" vs Honome Chogasaki & Kalavinka
Red Dragon Miko, Meiraru
Green Dragon Miko, Kushuru
Red World Z/X (Part of Kitakyūshū Army)
Green World Z/X (Millennium Land)
Narrow Defeat
3rd Lower-Rank Dingir
vs Sakura Kamiyugi & Phosflamme
White World Z/X (Twelve Apostles, Ten Radiant Saints)
Narrow Victory
4th Uriel (Godtainted) vs White Dragon Miko, Nino
Black Dragon Miko, Barahara
Narrow Victory
5th Nergal
Ereshkigal (Ghost)
vs Sera Kurashiki & Orichalcum Tyranno
Kasuga Kurosaki & Nei
Soma Kembuchi & Feuille
Dr. Kurashiki (Sela)
Narrow Victory
6th Lulu
vs Asuka Tennoji & Fierte
Ayase Kamiyugi & Sieger
Overwhelming Victory
7th Anu vs Shamash Sweeping Victory
8th Marduk vs Azumi Kagamihara & Rigel
Misaki Yuzuriha & K2
Iriuda Orondo & Maldicion
Sweeping Victory
9th Nanaya vs Izumo Miyakonojo & Gandiva Victory
10th Neo Schuster, Luna
Satellite Soleil, Terra
vs Reia Sento & Lawrencium
Suguru Raicho & Cyclotron
Nanao Shishishima & Synchrotron
Nina Shitori & Maine Coon
Final Enlil vs Enki Sweeping Victory
EX Adlerubel vs Yachiyo Kamiyugi & Almotaher Victory

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