Evol Seed (エヴォルシード Evoru Shīdo) is a keyword ability that activates when the card with the Evol Seed ability moves from the deck into Trash. The ability will not be activated if the card was moved from deck into Trash through the Temporary zone.

All cards with this ability always has the Evol Seed Icon (エヴォルシードアイコン Evoru Shīdo Aikon) on the left side of the card name (similar to the Ignition Icon) and the following reminder text:

【自】 エヴォルシードこのカードがデッキからトラッシュに置かれた時、以下の効果を解決する。

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

At the same time, unidentified objects such as Dragons began to appear in many parts of the world, reports spread of a mysterious power called "Evol Seed" appearing on one Card Device after another.

Theories have appeared, that are not impossible, that this could be a hack from the Dragon Miko and various hostile forces.

In any case, studies on the card device have not progressed very far, and it is not impossible that there are still functions that people don't know about.


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