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Event Extra (イベント エクストラ Ibento Ekusutora) or EV EX is one of the card types in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG.

Event Extra cards were introduced in Booster 34: Code:Dreamworld - Fantasy "Idea Drive", and can be seen as the Event counterpart of Z/X Extra. They are treated and played at the same timing as regular Event during the game, and are put into the Dynamis instead of regular deck similar to Z/X Extra.

Event Extra can only be played once per turn (the limit is shared with Z/X Extra), and after being resolved, they are put back into Dynamis in face-up position per Rule Effect. Face-up Event Extra in Dynamis cannot be played at all.

There are 2 major category of Event Extra based on their usage and abilities: "Idea Drive" (イデアドライブ Idea Doraibu) and "Break Event" (ブレイク イベント Bureiku Ibento). There are several Event Extra cards that doesn't fit into those two categories as well.

For the list of all cards with this card type, see Category:EV EX.

Idea Drive

"Sweetheart Order"

All "Idea Drive" Event Extra cards released so far has these 3 exact abilities, with the last ability also separated from the first two by a horizontal line in the card frame. They also featured the "IDEA DRIVE!!" text in their card frame.

  • The first one is a continuous ability that allow the player to play the card with alternate Cost payment, typically by revealing 2 specific cards from hand and put them on the bottom of deck in any order.
  • The second one is an Event ability that is shared by all of them ("Choose a Cost 3 or less Z/X that is attacking you, and destroy it.")
  • The last one, which is also dubbed as "Idea Drive", is only available while the card is face-up in Dynamis and can be any kind of ability, but always require an Idealize for the effect. Either for the trigger, the effect condition, or as the one affected by the effect itself.

Most of the "Idea Drive" represent the titular "Idea Drive" used by Z/X in the card artworks (with most of the Z/X also being an Idealize themselves). Some of their card names and artworks are also callbacks to old Event cards featuring said Z/X (e.g. "Sweetheart Order" is a callback to "Confront Order").

Break Event

"Break, Rigel!"

All "Break Event" Event Extra cards released so far has 0 Cost and these 2 abilities.

  • The first one is a continuous ability that is shared by all of them, and increases the card's own Cost by 1 if played during the opponent's turn.
  • The second one is an Event ability that allows the player to Break one of their own Z/X into another Z/X (usually specific ones for both) if the conditions listed on the ability are fulfilled.

The majority of "Break Event" featured a specific Z/X user (the one tailored to the second ability) in their artworks, with most of them are shown performing the "Break" process themselves. Most of the Z/X resulted from the Break process also possess the Alter Break ability.