Enjoy Frame (エンジョイフレーム Enjoi Furēmu) is the name given to card frame that showed more area of the card illustration compared to the regular card frame. This frame was introduced in Booster 24: Code:Engage - Evolution Connect.

P25-005a Sample.png
P25-005b Sample.png
"White Princess of Visions, White Queen"
Left: Enjoy Frame - Right: Regular Frame

With the exceptions of collaboration or promotional cards, all sets that contain cards with Enjoy Frame always have a specific theme for the Enjoy Frame card illustrations, showing the subject in a particular situation based on the theme. The theme for each sets is as follows.

Booster Packs
Evolution Connect School
Shining Unite Seaside
Shift Infinity Fantasy
Ace Chronicle Idol and Band
Astral Stranger Hot Spring and Vacation
Cross Messenger Wedding
Arcana Destiny Working
Arcana Horizon Valentine
Dreamclad "Idealize" Swimsuit and Pool
Hopelight "Frontier" Summer Day Memories
Extra Packs
Bridal Dragon Bride
Z/Xstage! Idol
Z/Xdream Cheerleader
Chibi☆Dragon Summer Day Memories
Moe♡Dragon School Live

The card illustrations themselves are unrelated to the main story of Z/X and depicts the subject in a completely different world from the main story. However, the flavor text of cards with Enjoy Frame might still show some relations or references to the main story.

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