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Enjoy Deck - Mikado Kurosaki (エンジョイデッキ「黒崎神門」) is a special preconstructed deck available through the Point Campaign for Booster 32: Code:Dreamworld - Dreamclad "Idealize".

Its content is exactly the same as Idealize Enjoy Deck, with the addition of new Shift card for Mikado Kurosaki, and can be seen as a commercial counterpart of said Free Card Deck.


  • 26 different cards, 76 cards in total.

Card List

Color Number Card Name Type Quantity Notes
Red P32-041 Mikado Kurosaki Player 1
Red P32-042 Compliment to Formidable Enemy, Alexander Z/X 4
Red P32-043 Unyielding Military Rule, Alexander Z/X 4
Red P32-044 Charming Princess of the Split Table, Guinevere Z/X 4
Red P32-045 True Overlordship, Alexander Z/X 4
Red P32-046 Endless Overlordship, Alexander Z/X 1
Red P32-047 Oath of True Lies, Alexander Z/X 4 New Card
Red P32-048 Final Live, Alexander Z/X 4
Red P32-049 Broad-Minded Brave King, Alexander Z/X 4
Red P32-050 Nine Great Heroes, Alexander Z/X 3
Red P32-051 Great Hero of Blazing Sun, Alexander Z/X 4
Red P32-052 Alexander and Mikado, Undoubted Bonds Event 4
Red P32-053 Quickening of Rebirth Event 4
Red P32-054 Open, Gate of Conquest Event 4 New Card
Black P32-055 Spring Day Illusion, Mammon Z/X 2
Red P32-056 Goddess of Fierce Love Moon, Tsukuyomi Z/X EX 1
Red P32-057 Outstanding Awakened King, Alexander Z/X EX 2
Red P32-058 Godslayer Knight-King, Arthur Z/X EX 1
Red P32-059 Shining "Windfall", Inanna Z/X EX 1
Red P32-060 Sterngate "Severity", Igalima Z/X EX 1
Red P32-061 Resentful "Anastasis", Nanaya Z/X EX 1
Red P32-062 Idea of Conquest, Alexander Z/X EX 2 New Card
Red P32-063 "Overshift - Universe" Mikado Shift 2 New Card
Red P32-064 Key of True Lies, Mikado Kurosaki Z/X OB 4 New Card
Red P32-065 Key of True Lies, Mikado Kurosaki Z/X OB 1 New Card
Colorless P32-066 Dream Key Marker 7