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Energeia (竜域 or エネルゲイア Enerugeia) is the term that refers to the present world, as it is called by the Dingir.

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In the beginning there was only Dynamis. Dingir Enki noticed the existence of an empty otherworld, with only one girl living alone in there. Dingir Enki named the girl Ea, and created various things in that world. The new world is named "Energeia", and Ea became a miko that watches over the "Energeia".

"Energeia" refers to the present world, as well as its past from the creation to the present. Red World, Blue World, White World, Black World, and Green World are not "Energeia".


"Energeia" (ἐνέργεια) is the Ancient Greek word for "action", which later became the basis for the word "energy". Together with "Dynamis", they both refer to Aristotle's principle of potentiality and actuality.

The base kanji for Energeia (竜域 Ryūiki) means "dragon area", a reference to the Dingir Enki who originally found it.

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