Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- Wiki
{{Card Table
|image = B22-091 Sample.png
|name = Early Spring Bud, Mansaku
|jpname = 早春の芽吹 金縷梅
|jphira = そうしゅんのめぶきまんさく
|phon = Sōshun no Mebuki Mansaku
|color = Green
|type = Z/X
|tribe = Hourai
|cost = 5
|power = 7500
|text = {{Auto}} {{Valid}} Square {{Trigger}} This card or your {{Tribe|Hourai}} attacks. {{Effect}} If you have 5 or more {{Tribe|Hourai}} in your Resource, reveal 2 cards from the top of your deck, choose a {{Tribe|Hourai}} among them, and add it to hand. Put the rest of revealed cards on the bottom of deck in any order.
|jptext = {{Icon|Auto}} {{Icon|Valid}} スクエア {{Icon|Trigger}} このカードかあなたの[ホウライ]が攻撃する。 {{Icon|Effect}} あなたのリソースに[ホウライ]が5枚以上ある場合、あなたのデッキの上から2枚公開し、その中にある[ホウライ]を1枚選び、手札に加える。公開した残りのカードを好きな順番でデッキの下に置く。
|flavorflavor_ja = {{Flavor|蝶ヶ崎さんにびんがさん、阿那婆達多さんに菖蒲さんですか。雪山で災難でしたね。|~早春の芽吹 金縷梅~}}
|flavor_en = {{Flavor|[[Honome Chogasaki|Chogasaki-san]] and [[Kalavinka|Vinka-san]], then Anavatapta-san and Ayame-san, isn't it? It was a disaster in the snowy mountain.|~ Early Spring Bud, Mansaku ~}}
|sets = {{Sets|B22|B22-091|N}}
|illust = 碧風羽