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Dreamworld (幻夢郷 Genmukyō or ドリームワールド Dorīmuwārudo) is the homeworld of the Cthulhu.

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Formal name for the area that serves as the main base of activity for the Cthulhu. It is assumed to be exist under the name of "Othersea" as private-level folklore and fiction, originated from the plausible testimony that said "unidentified monster appeared from the sea".

It is located in the space of Entelechia, but it doesn't form a planet-like sphere as in our common sense. The color of its sky is unstable, and its ground where fairy-tale-like creatures come-and-go stretches to infinity. In there, the laws of physics are sometimes ignored, and both matter and physics sometimes lost their meaning.

The things that matters are willpower and dreams. If you visualize your thought strongly, there is a "possibility" that all those fantasies and delusions will become real. To put it straight, it is not only "a world where dreams become reality", but also "a chaotic world where dreams are intermingling".
It is an extremely attractive place, but it also comes with high price.

First is "Dream Deficiency".
The Cthulhu keep fulfilling their dreams endlessly, and instead of acquiring unparalleled power, they lost their dreams.

Next is "Mind Interference".
Since all sorts of thoughts are circulated around regardless of their notion and usefulness, someone with moderate spiritual power will immediately lose the sight of boundary between dreams and reality, and fall into madness.

Dreamworld came to the knowledge of "Sol", who boasts supreme intelligence. Having given up on the Blue World, he analyzes the mechanism of Dreamworld, and aims to bring out its mysterious properties to the outside of Entelechia.

All for the sake of rewriting the history of Energeia, that didn't allow for the survival of his beloved sister, from the beginning—


"Dreamworld" or "Dreamlands" is an alternate dimension that can only be accessed by humans through dreams in the Dream Cycle series of fictions by H. P. Lovecraft.

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