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For the Counter, see Dream Key (card).

Dream Key (ドリーム・キー Dorīmu Kī) is a set of 22 treasured tools owned by the Cthulhu royal family.

In the Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG, they are represented by Counter of the same name, which can be acquired and expended during the game by various effects.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

22 treasured tools passed down in Cthulhu royal family.
Although their size and decoration varies, they generally take the shape of "key" and possesses 22 different attributes. They have two benefits for their owners

First is "Idealize".
It clad the user in dreams, and add the force of will to fighting strength.

Next is "Idealoid".
It develop a grayish shield to suppress the Ideafication of unconscious dreams, prevent the "Dream Deficiency", and protect the user from the indiscriminate "Mind Interference".

Their current keeper is the second-ranked princess, Urara Yato, who herself possessed one. She also gives one to her sister, Yutaka Tenryu. Urara—who visited Energeia on the basis of advanced report—handed them to secure the cooperation of 9 person (and their related parties) who fight alongside the Cthulhu in the "Exorcision War" in Nagoya, and returned with them to Dreamworld. Separately, 3 person (and their related parties) related to Yog-Sothoth, alongside 5 person (and their related parties) that participated in Counter-Dingir frontline have entered Dreamworld as well.

It is expected that the remaining 3 Z/X users will be entrusted with them as well.

It is said that the corresponding Z/X users already showed the signs of the attributes' manifestation, long before they actually obtained the "Dream Key" itself.

"17 March 2022" addition

Idealize and Idealoid are merely its secondary abilities, it has its primary function.

On the top of being the "gate" to initialize Dreamworld, it also function as "key" to reach the Astral if all 23 Dream Keys, including "Universe" that has been lost since the time immemorial, are gathered in one place.


Distributed by Urara Yato
"Wheel of Fortune" Asuka Tennoji
"The Devil" Yamato Tennoji
"Death" Ayase Kamiyugi
"The Sun" Sakura Kamiyugi
"The Moon" Yachiyo Kamiyugi
"Strength" Reia Sento
"Justice" Suguru Raicho
"The Magician" Nanao Shishishima
"The Hierophant" Nina Shitori
"The World" Urara Yato
"The Star" Yutaka Tenryu
Distributed by Yog-Sothoth
"The Lovers" Azumi Kagamihara
"The High Priestess" Misaki Yuzuriha
"The Tower" Iriuda Orondo

Distributed by Shub-Niggurath
"The Chariot" Sera Kurashiki
"The Empress" Honome Chogasaki
"Judgement" Izumo Miyakonojo
"Temperance" Kasuga Kurosaki
"The Hanged Man" Soma Kembuchi

Distribution by Nyarlathotep (Planned)
"The Emperor" Chitose Aoba
"The Hermit" Kisara Domeki
"The Fool" Shana Sakurakoji

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