The Dragon of the Beginning (始まりの竜 Hajimari no Ryū) is a special Tribe found in all colors.

According to the story, the "Dragon of the Beginning" title itself specifically refers to the Dingir "Enki", the originator of Energeia and the dragons. In the Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG, this title is also used as a collective name of the majority of "Dragon" Tribe.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The guardian of Present World. It is said that the "Dragon of the Beginning" exist only because the current world exists.

Three years ago, the Dragon of the Beginning suddenly went dormant, as the present began to be connected to the five different possible worlds. Originally, only one dragon is supposed to exist in the Present World, but due to the currently abnormal situation, with Six Worlds, there are now Six Dragons of the Beginning.


In the Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG, the Dragon Tribe is separated into several Tribes based on their color, all contains the word "Dragon" (ドラゴン Doragon) in the Tribe name. They are collectively supported through the "...with [Dragon] in (its/their) Tribe" clause in the card text.

Glorious Dragon

Glorious Dragon (グロリアスドラゴン Guroriasu Doragon) are the Dragon Tribe of Red World. They resemble generic western dragon with bipedal, slightly humanoid bodies, reddish coloration, and wore various sorts of armor and weaponry not unlike medieval knights. Their abilities mostly deals with direct damage to opponent's Z/X and the usage of Remove Zone.

Lord Crimson (partner of Meiraru), Cardinal Blade, and Blaze Knight are the known named Glorious Dragon.

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Gear Dragon

Gear Dragon (ギアドラゴン Gia Doragon) are the Dragon Tribe of Blue World. They resemble eastern dragon with serpentine and fully mechanical bodies. Their abilities deals with all sorts of Blue portion of effects, mainly card draws and returning opponent's cards.

Helical Fort (partner of Yui), Drive Pinion, and Sling Driver are the known named Gear Dragon.

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Angelic Dragon

Angelic Dragon (エンジェリックドラゴン Enjerikku Doragon) are the Dragon Tribe of White World. They resemble western dragon with mostly bipedal bodies, light coloration and/or armor across their bodies, and true to their name—they possessed one or more pairs of feathery wings. Their abilities are mostly centered around Event cards, with other White portion of effects and various protective effects mixed in.

Innocent Star (partner of Nino), Holy Sky, and Purifire are the known named Angelic Dragon.

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Cruel Dragon

Cruel Dragon (クルーエルドラゴン Kurūeru Doragon) are the Dragon Tribe of Black World. They has mostly bipedal bodies with dark coloration and numerous spiky scales or blade-like appendages protruding from the parts of their bodies. Their abilities mainly deals with direct destruction and Trash management.

Realm Razer (partner of Barahara), Destiny Bane, and Furgatorie are the known named Cruel Dragon.

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Vine Dragon

Vine Dragon (ヴァインドラゴン Vain Doragon) are the Dragon Tribe of Green World. They resemble a sort of cross between western and eastern dragon, with bipedal and bulky elongated bodies, large visible scales, and various vegetation growing out of their bodies. Like the majority of Green cards, their abilities mainly deals with the Resource.

Noble Grove (partner of Kushuru), Ivy Wing, and Axis Leaf are the known named Vine Dragon.

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True Dragon

True Dragon (トゥルードラゴン Turū Doragon) are presumably the Dragon Tribe of Energeia and Present World as well. They has more varied appearances with gray as their dominant color. Their cards are exclusively colorless and also wield various range of abilities in contrast to the other Dragon Tribe.

Last Theorem (partner of Ea), Theogonius, Astveria, and Reductonum are the known named True Dragon. The Wicked Dragon were also originally True Dragon.

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