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This article is about the character. For the Player card, see Dragon Princess (card).

Dragon Princess (竜の姫君 Ryū no Himegimi) or D-Princess is a character in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.

She is an existence that was born from Azumi Kagamihara's "attachment to life".

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The possibilities of future are endless.
However, no matter how the world changed, there was a girl who unable to escape from her doomed fate.

She developed an incurable disease before the history moves significantly, and lose her life.
Even after the history moved significantly, she fell prey to the evolved humanity and still lose her life.
Even after being cloned in large quantity through super technology, all of them eventually died in battle. In the last case, it is unclear whether they are still the same individual or whether soul can be cloned.

The sole exception is the future known as White World.
Having recognized the strength of her spirit, Archangel Raphael gives her mercy and destroyed the girl's ruined body. The girl then sublimated as spiritual lifeform, Angel. Her personality and train of thought was inverted 180 degree as a side effect, but she is none other than "the person who survived her doomed fate".

That person is "Twelve Apostles - Scorpio Barbiel".
She is the most uncontrollable among the eccentric Twelve Apostles, with her vitality overflowing as an angel, even the sublime Twin Polar Angel Michael were at loss and already given up on her. After developed the "Twelve Apostles Great Barrier" together with her associates to prevent the invasion from other worlds, she enjoyed a stroll in the sky under the pretense of patrolling. All while being completely naked.

—Then the incident occurred without warning.

She lost her consciousness and fell from the sky, her hair turned silver, and she acquired a pair of dragonlike horns on her head as well as powerful tail like that of reptiles on her rear. Then... her halo and silvery wings that symbolized her as angel permanently disappeared.

Immediately after, a flock of dragons filled the sky. One of them landed on her side, then, the girl who was once an angel opened her eyes and muttered.

"I have to do something"

Accompanied by the etheric "Astraldraco", the "Dragon Princess" ride upon the dragon, and disappeared beyond the azure.

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