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Dragon Miko or Ryu no Miko (竜の巫女 Ryū no Miko), personal name Ea (エア Ea), is a character in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.

A mysterious girl that appear before a person with hidden qualities and entrust them with the Card Device to use the Z/X. She is also known as the "Present World Dragon Miko" or "Dragon Miko of the Beginning".

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The Dragon Miko is entrusted.
With a Card Device to combat the Z/X.
The Dragon Miko prays.

"I want to fight the invaders from the Parallel Worlds".

The Dragon Miko is everywhere.
The Dragon Miko is nowhere.
She is but a dream, yet she is real.

"10 January 2013" addition

As the present's "Dragon of the Beginning" lies in slumber, there are few ways to repel the invasions from the futures. However, when "Dragon of the Beginning" is asleep and dormant, a "Dragon Miko" is programmed to appear to defend the "Dragon of the Beginning". The Dragon Miko begins to look all around the planet for those who would protect the world from the invaders of the various other futures.

It is possible that if the "Dragon of the Beginning" from the alternate futures are slain, that future will cease to exist and the chances of that future becoming real become zero. If the other "Dragon of the Beginning" disappear from the world, the "Dragon of the Beginning", sleeping beneath the Japanese Islands will awaken, and sink all of Japan.

The Dragon Miko, unable to access most of the memories of the sleeping dragon, knows not that the Japanese archipelago will sink if the "Dragon of the Beginning" reawakens. And she is unaware that she will vanish should the "Dragon of the Beginning" reawaken.

The other "Dragon of the Beginning" have finally begun to look for the "Dragon of the Beginning" of the present era, a fact due to the number of small dragons who have been sighted in the sky all over the world. The purpose of the other Dragons is to slay the Dragon of the present. If they can do that, they can make their future the only one that will come to be.

"Thou, wouldst thou preserve this world?"

Other Dragon Mikos


The Five Dragon Mikos. From left to right: Nino, Yui, Meiraru, Kushuru, and Barahara.

There's also exist Dragon Miko on the other worlds, one for each parallel worlds: Red Dragon Miko, Meiraru (Red World), Blue Dragon Miko, Yui (Blue World), White Dragon Miko, Nino (White World), Green Dragon Miko, Kushuru (Green World), and Black Dragon Miko, Barahara (Black World). Unlike the present world's Dragon Miko, they are known by their own personal names and aided by their world's respective Dragon of the Beginning, which serves as their own Partner Z/X.

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