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Domeki Foundation (百目鬼財団 Dōmeki Zaidan, 百目鬼 literally means "Hundred-eyed Demon") is a member of the Knights of the Round Table.

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One of the companies that formed the Round Table, they are a Zaibatsu that have supported the Japanese powers that be from behind the scenes since the Heian period. It is said their family line descends from onmyoji.

They have made full use of trickery to survive the collapse of the shogunate and dissolution of the Zaibatsu. The Foundation's management is governed by the Domeki Family, who have studied for countless generations on the subject of immortality. Because of their interest in everything from the occult to the latest scientific research, they have teams of researchers, who they pick from the limelight due to the specific themes of research.

The attribute of their mask is "Invidia (envy)".

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