Divine Gate (神門 Shinmon) is the distortion in space that serves as the gateway to the Dynamis.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

A distortion in space that occurs when the Dingir appears. Although it is possible to reach the Dynamis through it without the protection of the Dragon Miko, a normal Z/X will be affected by the Dingir's influence and their Depth will rise.

In White World, the Four Archangels with the ability to manipulate the time, Uriel, stopped the time around the distortion as the preparation for the decisive battle, and the Guardian Dhaulagiri, who regretted that he once killed present-day humans (Ayase's parents) by the order of Gambiel, volunteered to be its watchman as his atonement. Uriel's skill has already started to unravel, and Dhaulagiri also begin to be affected by the Dingir's influence, but he managed to retain his consciousness at the last moment.


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