Dingir Proxy Card (ディンギル代理カード) are special cards that included in the sealed packs of Booster 17: Code:Dingir - Chain Betrayal or Booster 18: Code:Dingir - Waker's Genesis. As suggested by the name, they are "proxy" or substitute card for the real "Dingir" cards, specifically made to be used in the Sealed Battle and other sealed format.

There are 10 different Dingir Proxy Cards, with each of them have a different front side and back side that serves as proxy of a specific "Dingir" card for a total of 20 different cards. In the Sealed Battle and other sealed format, player need to choose which side they want to use during the game and put the card with that side face up inside a card sleeve, rendering the other side unavailable to be used.

List of Dingir Proxy Cards

No. Original Set Front Side Back Side
1 Encounter with Dynamis Red Black Glaring "Skypath", Nergal Blue Overflowing "Primalsea", Nammu
2 Blue White Serene "Authority", Marduk Black Spreading "Disease", Ahhazu
3 White Red Solemn "Adjudication", Anu Green Grandeur "Fertility", Ninurta
4 Black Green Deathcaller "Flicker", Ereshkigal Red Shining "Windfall", Inanna
5 Green Blue Becoming "Affection", Ishtar White Blowing "Nobility", Sud
6 Chain Betrayal Red Green Rising "Anastasis", Nanaya Blue Revered "Starsea", Ningal
7 Blue Red Flooding "Cadence", Tiamat White Boundless "Banquet", Ninkasi
8 White Black Inexhaustible "Creation", Lulu Red Sterngate "Severity", Igalima
9 Black Blue Unbending "Covenant", Zababa Green Silver Moon "Phantasm", Nannal
10 Green White Valorous "Sunshine", Shamash Black Flailing "Steelhammer", Shulshagana

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