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Destroy (破壊 Hakai) is a term that refer to the act of moving a Z/X to other zone, generally into the Charge, as a result of battle or effect.

A Z/X is said to be "destroyed" by Rule Effect if it received damage equal or greater than its Power, or if its Power is reduced to 0. A Z/X is also said to be "destroyed" if it was affected by any effect that specifically said to "destroy" it.

While destroyed cards are generally put into its owner's Charge, certain ability or effects (like "Easygoing Rurijissa" and "Magical Beast of the Country of Mirror, Jabberwock") may instead put the destroyed cards into other zones.

Comprehensive Rules

1007 Destroy

  • 1007.1 If there is an instruction to "destroy (a card)", if that card is a Z/X, move that card into its owner's Charge. If that card is not a Z/X, move that card into its owner's Trash.
  • 1007.2 If a Z/X is put from Square into Charge by any method without the instruction to "destroy", that action is not considered as "destroy".

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