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Deck Zone (デッキゾーン Dekki Zōn) is the place for player to put their deck. Deck Zone a hidden zone, and both players cannot look at or change the order of its contents unless a card effect allow a player to do so.

Comprehensive Rules

304 Deck Zone

  • 304.1 Zone to put the deck prepared by player.
  • 304.2 Deck Zone is a hidden zone. You can't change the order of cards put in the Deck Zone.
  • 304.3 If you move several amount of cards from a specific position of the Deck Zone into another zone simultaneously, move a card from that position repeatedly for that specific amount of times.
  • 304.4 When there is an instruction to move several amount of cards from the Deck Zone into another zone, if "up to ~" is written in the amount, perform one of the following actions.
  • 304.4a Don't move any card.
  • 304.4b Move a card. This action can be repeated as many times as the number indicated in "up to~" (you can also stop halfway).