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The Darkness Knights (暗黒騎士 Ankoku Kishi) is a group of Guardian that serves under Gambiel.

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Putting on the Masks of the Divine Progenitor of Envy, the Angel turned Diabolus Gambiel obtained a new power, "Reversal". It awakens the sleeping emotions in the subconsciousness of person who comes in contact with this ability, which is usually negative emotions... and turns their character and way of thinking into the complete opposite. This is especially useful on the Guardian who held firm belief to protect the White World, and she make use of this ability to form a private army.

Gambiel calls them "Darkness Knights".


Name Cost Power
Darkness Knight, Ras Dashen 7 10500
Darkness Knight, Alpamayo 6 9000
Darkness Knight, Marshall 5 7500
Darkness Knight, Yearning K2 5 7500

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