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Dagon Cartel (ダゴン・カルテル Dagon Karuteru) is a member of the Knights of the Round Table.

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One of the companies that formed the Round Table.

They are based in Mexico and deal in criminal business (narcotics, gambling, prostitution, larceny, fraud, blackmail, kidnappings, assassination) all across the world. Originally a criminal mafia that expanded its power base into the United States of America during the prohibition era, they joined forces behind the scenes with the "Hydra Foundation", literally becoming Hydra Foundation's "shadow" and supporting them behind the scenes with various illegal activities as they both grew into massive organizations.

It's said the members of the Dagon Cartel have a trident tattoo somewhere on their bodies. Because they manage prostitution and generally despise women, they and "Atlach-Nacha" get along like cats and dogs.

The attribute of their mask is "Acedia (sloth)".

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