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Curator (キュレータ Kyurēta) is is a Tribe in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-. It is used as the unifying Tribe for cards related to "Wisdom Zenith, Sol".

For the list of all cards under this Tribe, see Category:Curator.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Among the 9 executives that followed Sol in the invasion of Dreamworld, they are members that specialized in sheer fighting power. They comprised of 5 Z/X with strong characteristics from each of the five worlds (Red, Blue, White, Black, Green).

The word used as their name means "manager of museum", to contrast with "Administrator" that means "manager of world".

The following are key people within Sol's influence.

"28 February 2022" addition

Record about Successor.

No Title Name Profile
0 Administrator Sol He planned to rewrite Dreamworld with his own "rule" and turned it into an utopia. Then...?
1 Curator_R The One Braver from Red World. A stalwart fighter who keeps challenging the strong. His other name is "The Most Evil Being".
2 Curator_B Terra Battle Dress from Blue World. A confidant of Sol.
3 Curator_W Dark Uriel Angel from White World. A fallen angel who keeps emitting divine presence in spite of the exorcision of Dingir.
4 Curator_K Cursed Soul Nosferatu from Black World. A "life shearer" that is nearing completion.
5 Curator_G Nandale Tusk Mixed Tribe from Green World. Form of Nanda, who failed to become Yggdrasil, that has swallowed Guile Tusk.
6 Vector Löwe Ende Execution unit. A girl who admired Sol as inventor. Clone of Nanao Shishishima (childhood).
7 Labor Yith Execution unit. Details unknown.
8 Incubator Twelve Reconnaissance expert. A Battle Dress who gives her support to Sol. Original XIII Type.XII.
9 Successor Avance A mysterious person who support the completed Cursed Soul. Left Sol because she has accomplished her mission.

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