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Crisis Arc (クライシスアーク Kuraishisu Āku) is an ability accessible by Z/X users while they are in a pinch.

In the Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG, this term is also used as the umbrella term for the new mechanics introduced in "Code:MagicaPrincess" storyline: Player Extra, Start Resource, and a series of (mostly) multicolored Z/X dubbed "Arc Z/X". All of which worked in tandem with each others to simulate how this ability works in the story.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Immediately after they left the Dreamworld, the Z/X users and their partner Z/X was secretly given a new ability. It is triggered when the Z/X user is in a pinch, and activated in the form of a power up for the partner Z/X. The appearance of similar phenomenon are also confirmed between some Z/X without definite partner and nameless Z/X users.

Its origin is the White Dragon Miko, Nino. Conflict between the moderate and radical faction, rampage and deluge caused by Gambiel, disappearance and fall of the Archangel Uriel, war with the Dingir, manslaughter by the Black Sword army, advent of the Dragon Princess.... Prayer of the young miko, who was grieved by the series of predicaments and scandals showered on her, manifested as a countering forces from her protection.

Considering her original duty as Dragon Miko, she could only gives her blessing to those who handle the White World Resource. However, she didn't do that. This indiscriminate show of charity might be the expression of her worries whether she should accept the "harmonization" advocated by the Dragon Princess or not.

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