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Crisis (クライシス Kuraishisu) is the condition required by Player Extra in order to manually use it.

When the Crisis condition is fulfilled while the Player Extra is still stacked face-down behind the Player card (usually by taking damage), the player has the option to reveal the Player Extra and put it stacked face-up on the top of their Player card per Rule Effect. If they choose not to, they won't have the chance to do it until the Crisis condition is fulfilled again.

Some Player Extra may have a card name or Player Name written in its Crisis condition (before the colon). In that case, the player need to control face-up Player card with that card name or Player Name as additional condition to use the Player Extra.

Comprehensive Rules

1023 Crisis

  • 1023.1 "Crisis" means Crisis Effect (910) can be performed at priority preprocessing (702) if the written conditions are fulfilled.
  • 1023.2 Crisis is written in the subtext as "Crisis : [condition]" or "Crisis ○○ : [condition]".
  • 1023.3 "Crisis ○○" fulfill its condition if the owner control a face-up a card with Player card type with ○○ in its card name or ○○ in its Player Name.
Example : If the Crisis condition is "You receive damage.", the condition is fulfilled once the player recorded the number of damage that they received (907.1), and the Crisis Effect (910) will resolve after the Player Damage Effect (907) resolved in accordance to the Rule Effect resolution order in priority preprocessing (702).