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Counterattack of the Darkness Dragon (闇竜の逆襲 Yamiryū no Gyakushū) is a special Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG set exclusive for Z/X Card Gacha service.

This set is the second set in the "story set" (ストーリーセット) series, and will depict the story of the dragon Destiny Bane as she attempt to destroy the world and acquired new power in card form. It contains a mix of new cards and reprints, with some of the reprints are printed as Rebuild cards.

This set is available for purchase between 2 September 2021 12:00 JST until 9 September 2021 17:00 JST, with delivery starts in late November 2021.


This set is sold in the following bundle (all includes tax and shipping fee).

  • 1 set for 5500 JPY
  • 4 sets for 22,000 JPY

There are 23 kind of cards in this set, with a total of 67 cards. Each set will randomly include one of the following holographic cards.

In addition, there is a rare chance (about 6%) for all cards in this set to receive Hologram Rare treatment, replacing the set with a special Holographic Deck Set. In that case, the following card will be included in the set as well.

Card List

Color Number Type Rarity Card Name Quantity Notes
Black G11-001 Player R Destiny Bane 1
Black G11-002 Z/X N Bone Dolphin 4 Void Bringer
Black G11-003 Z/X N Fangseed Bud, Becky 1 Start Card
Black G11-004 Z/X N Jet-Black Declination, Destiny Bane 4 Ignition
Black G11-005 Z/X R Light-Covering Darkwing, Destiny Bane 4 Ignition
Black G11-006 Z/X R Alter Ruin, Destiny Bane 4 Life Recovery
Black G11-007 Z/X R Alter Break, Destiny Bane 4
Black G11-008 Z/X R Jet-Black Ruin, Destiny Bane 4
Black G11-009 Z/X N Purgatory Dragon, Furgatorie 4
Black G11-010 Z/X R Dragonhell Blade Queen, Destiny Bane 4
Black G11-011 Z/X N Ruin-Hell Dragon, Destiny Bane 4
Black G11-012 Z/X R Finale to Collapse, Destiny Bane 4
Black G11-013 Event R Prelude to Collapse 4
Black G11-014 Event R Ruin-Hell Wave, Doom Blast 1
Colorless G11-015 Z/X N True Dragon of Land, Theogonius 4 Ignition
Black G11-016 Z/X EX N Three Stygian Maids - Burning Stake Doll, Stica 1
Black G11-017 Z/X EX N Spreading "Disease", Ahhazu 1
Black G11-018 Z/X EX N "Flicker" Divine Gaol, Ereshkigal 1
Colorless G11-019 Z/X EX N Ruin-Sky Dragon, Last Theorem 3
Black G11-020 EV EX R Break, Destiny Bane! 4
Colorless G11-021 EV EX N Foretime "Daybreak", Enki 3
Colorless G11-022 Shift N Shiny Freshman, Theogonius 2
Black G11-023 Shift N Resentful "Terror", Enlil 1

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