Cost (コスト Kosuto) is what is needed in order to play a card.

The Cost of a card is located in the upper left corner of the card, just below the card type. To pay the Cost of a card, Sleep a number of cards in your Resource, equal to the Cost of that card. Also, you must Sleep at least one card with the same color as that card. For example, in order to play "Queen of Desert, Cleopatra", a Cost 3 Red Z/X, you have to Sleep at least one Red card and two other cards of any color in your Resource. Colorless Cost can be paid with cards from any color.

Several cards is able to reduce the Cost of card (e.g. "Country-Eating Manticore"). However, almost all of them also comes with "the Cost cannot be equal to or less than 0" clause, preventing the player to play the card without paying the Cost. Some cards (e.g. "Four Archangels - Michael S.K.") may instead possesses an ability that allow the player to play a card without paying the Cost.

Cost of Ability

Startup Ability also has its own cost, which are shown as <○○> or 【コスト】 ○○ ( <Cost> ○○ ) in the card text and must be paid in order to use the ability. Other than Resource cost, the cost of an ability may also require you to [Sleep] (Sleep) the card or to do some other action. If the ability listed more than one cost, all of them must be paid.

If the cost of an ability is only written as [0 Colorless] (or "0 Colorless"), the player did not have to pay any cost to use the ability.

Comprehensive Rules

203 Cost

  • 203.1 The cost needed to play a card.
  • 203.2 Cost is displayed as numerical value, and determines the amount of Resource to Sleep when playing a card (805).

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