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Color (色 Iro) is a parameter possessed by a card. A card may have one of the five possible color:

In addition, there is also exist colorless cards, which are represented with a Colorless grey circle (known as "None") or sometimes, generic Ignition Icon. Set 16 also introduced multicolor cards, albeit only for Z/X Extra and later extends to other card types that included in the Dynamis. Multicolor cards that can be included in the main deck would not exist until Set 40.

The color of a card is indicated by the Color Icon, which is located in the upper left side of the card (for cards with old frame) or the upper right corner of the card (for cards with new frame), and is used to determine how the card's Cost is paid and what kind of Resource it provides.

Storywise, a card's color might also denotes from which world that card comes from and/or its affiliation.

Comprehensive Rules

204 Color

  • 204.1 The inherent color possessed by a card.
  • 204.2 Color is represented with icon.
  • 204.3 The 5 color icons are as follows. Red Red Blue Blue White White Black Black Green Green
  • 204.4 If the color icon is shown with the above icons, this card has that color. If the color icon is shown as being blackened, this card does not have that color.
  • 204.5 If a card has a color, that card is considered as that color. Likewise, if a card does not have a color, that card is not considered as that color. In either case, it does not refer whether it has the other color or not.
  • 204.6 Color determines the type of Resource to Sleep when using a card.
  • 204.7 Cards without color are colorless. Colorless is represented with the Colorless None icon.
  • 204.8 Some cards are represented with the Multicolor icon (308.2b).