Chocolte (ちょこると Chokoruto) is a series of super deformed figures by Broccoli with illustration by gin. The series name is a portmanteau of "chokon to okeru" (ちょこんと置ける "quietly put") and "récolte" (レコルト rekoruto, French for "to collect").

Broccoli has released chocolte figures of three characters from Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG in February 2015 as the first in Chocolte series; Azumi Kagamihara, Ayase Kamiyugi, and Chitose Aoba. Each figures also comes with a promotional card.

Promotional Cards

Color Number Card Name Type Rarity Quantity Notes
Blue P10-027 Azumi Kagamihara Event PR 1 Azumi Chocolte
Black P10-028 Ayase Kamiyugi Event PR 1 Ayase Chocolte
Green P10-029 Chitose Aoba Event PR 1 Chitose Chocolte

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