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Charge (チャージ Chāji) is the place where destroyed Z/X cards and are placed. A player may only have 4 cards in their Charge at a time. If the fifth card or more is put into Charge, that player choose a card(s) from their Charge and put it into Trash until they have exactly 4 cards in the Charge.

Previously, when a card(s) would be put into the Charge when the limit has been reached, that card(s) will be put into Trash directly without being put into Charge first. This has been changed into the current rules since 28 August 2013[1].

Certain cards like "Twelve Apostles - Aquarius Gambiel" and "Fallen Angel of Grief, Lucifer" is able to modify a player Charge limit.

Comprehensive Rules

306 Charge

  • 306.1 Zone to put destroyed Z/X and lost Life.
  • 306.2 There is a maximum limit for Charge.
  • 306.2a The limit for each player's Charge at the start of the game is 4.
  • 306.3 Charge is a public zone. It is possible to arbitrarily change the order of cards in your own Charge.