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Character Pack - Almotaher (キャラクターパック アルモタヘル Kyarakutā Pakku Arumotaheru) is the second set in the Character Pack product series. It was released at the same date with Booster 21: Code:Samsara - Seed of Rebellion and Character Pack - Vesparose.


  • Contains reprint of various cards for "Almotaher" deck and 2 new cards.
  • Each packs contain 6 cards (1 of each card) with one of them always printed with holographic coating and silver foil.

Card List

Color Number Name Type Rarity Notes
Black CP02-001 Black Phoenix of Catastrophe, Almotaher Z/X SR New Card
Black CP02-002 To the Unseen Tomorrow Event R New Card
Black CP02-003 Silver Knight of the Night Sky, Almotaher Z/X R New Illustration
Black CP02-004 Jet-Black Clawed Wings, Sieger & Almotaher Z/X N
Black CP02-005 Impetuous Golden Claw, Almotaher Z/X SR
Black CP02-006 I Can't Lose! Event N

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