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Character Deck - Kasuga Kurosaki (キャラクターデッキ 黒崎春日 Kyarakutā Dekki Kurosaki Kasuga) is a special Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG set exclusive for Z/X Card Gacha service.

This set is an all-reprint preconstructed deck featuring Kasuga Kurosaki and her Partner Z/X Nei. Some of the cards included here will receive a Rebuild treatment, or use the illustration from their promotional version instead of their usual artwork.

This set is available for purchase between 1 October 2021 12:00 JST until 8 October 2021 16:59 JST, with delivery starts in late December 2021.


This set is sold in the following bundle (all includes tax and shipping fee).

  • 1 set for 5500 JPY
  • 4 sets for 22,000 JPY

There are 26 kind of cards in this set, with a total of 68 cards. Each set will randomly include one of the following holographic cards.

In addition, there is a rare chance (about 6%) for all cards in this set to receive Hologram Rare treatment, replacing the set with a special Holographic Deck Set. In that case, the following card will be included in the set as well.

Card List

Color Number Type Rarity Card Name Quantity Notes
Black G12-001 Player R Kasuga Kurosaki 1
Black G12-002 Z/X N Getting Serious Occasionally! Nei the Tombcastle Princess 4 Void Bringer
Black G12-003 Z/X N Alter Blood, Nei 4 Life Recovery
Black G12-004 Z/X N Staying Up Late in Library, Nei 4 Ignition
Black G12-005 Z/X N Oath of Butterfly Dream, Nei 4
Black G12-006 Z/X N First Try! Aerial Exercise, Nei 4 Ignition
Black G12-007 Z/X N Patrol of the Tombcastle, Patra 4 Ignition
Black G12-008 Z/X N Tombcastle Princess of Sorcery, Lazy Nei 1 Start Card
Black G12-009 Z/X N Wish to Starry Sky, Nei 4
Black G12-010 Z/X N Alluring Underwater Coaster, Nei 2
Black G12-011 Z/X N Alter Break, Nei 2
Black G12-012 Z/X N Happening Pool, Nei the Tombcastle Princess 4
Black G12-013 Z/X N Loup-Garou Halloween, Nei the Tombcastle Princess 2
Black G12-014 Z/X N Doing as Please, Nei the Tombcastle Princess 2
Black G12-015 Z/X N Butterfly Mage-Princess, Nei 4
Black G12-016 Z/X R Seven Princesses of the Tombcastle - Sixth Princess, Nei 4
Black G12-017 Event N Open, Gate of Fantasy 1 Gate Card
Black G12-018 Z/X EX N Idea of Fantasy, Nei 2
Black G12-019 EV EX N Break, Nei! 1
Black G12-020 EV EX N Fragments Al-Azif 2
Black G12-021 Shift N "Overshift - Temperance" Kasuga 2
Black G12-022 Shift N "Ideashift - Temperance" Kasuga 1
Blue G12-023 Shift N "Fated Shift" Cyberform Sister, Neo Schuster Luna 1
Black G12-024 Z/X OB N Key of Butterfly Dream, Kasuga Kurosaki 2 Upper Part
Black G12-025 Z/X OB N Key of Butterfly Dream, Kasuga Kurosaki 1 Lower Part
G12-026 Marker N Dream Key 5

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