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Carl Wyvern (カール・ワイバーン Kāru Waibān) is a character in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-. He is a physicist and lead figure on the researchers of the parallel worlds and the Black Point.

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A professor at North Arkham University who teaches general physics and quantum mechanics. He specializes in many-worlds interpretation. He is a German American living in Massachusetts and is 203 cm tall.

He is widely known as a Japanophile, and is a fan of the hero of a novel about a Ninja who goes into high school. He studied the arts of Ninjutsu in Iga, served as an English teacher at Seiryuu Gakuen High School in Kobe, and studied at the Kuzuryu Gakuin University in Kitakyūshū before returning to his country.

He is a worldly-wise man who isn't well accepted by the scientific community due to the peculiar subject of his research, but after the Black Points appeared, he received support from Hydra Foundation, and now looks for singularity points all around the world.

He is a distant relative of Ayase Kamiyugi on her mother's side.

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