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Card Gamer (カードゲーマー Kādo Gēmā) is a bimonthly mook published by Hobby Japan that specializes in trading card games. It contains news and information about various trading card games, both physical and digital. It also comes with various promotional cards, or sample deck on several occasions, for TCG featured in the mook.

Z/X first appear in the fourth issue of this mook and has since become the part of its regular contents.

Promotional Cards

Several issues of the magazine comes with a promotional card. Full list of promotional cards released through the magazine is as follow.

Color Number Card Name Type Issue
Black P01-016 Devil of Ambition, Cupiditas Z/X Vol.5
Green P03-013 Flower-Dwelling Clary Sage Z/X Vol.8
Red P07-005 Machine-Tampering Fairy, Gremlin Z/X Vol.14
White P17-042 Paired "Preeminence", Anshar-Kishar Z/X EX Vol.30
Green P21-015 Dragonhorn Crystalbow, Upananda Z/X Vol.37
Black P27-021 Devil of Fantasy, Phantasma Z/X Vol.45
Colorless P29-006 Evolution Connect Event Vol.48
Red P30-053 Godslayer Knight-King, Arthur Z/X EX Vol.49
White P31-016 Protector of Holy Prayer, Fierte Z/X EX Vol.50

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