Trading Card Item Kuji 5 (トレカアイテムくじ 第5弾) is the fifth Broccoli item kuji ("lottery") series for Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- after Broccoli Trading Card Item Kuji 4.

Prize Lists

Prize A

The A prize is a rubber playmat featuring the artwork of K2 (Valentine Version).

Prize B

The B prize is a set of tin badge and tote bag with two different design: Sera Kurashiki (Yukata Version) and Ayase Kamiyugi (Yukata Version).

Prize C

The C prize is a set of 3 card loader with five different design based on the five worlds.

Prize D

The D prize is a Character Card Box with four different design available: "Spinner of Tales, Scheherazade", "XI Flags, Tartini", "Resolution Blast", and "Devil of Mind, Animus" (Summer Version).

Prize E

The E prize is a Character Sleeve Collection EX with four different design available: "Spinner of Tales, Scheherazade", "Heroic Giant God, Darmstadtium", "Devil of Mind, Animus" (Summer Version), and "Roses Induction".

Final Draw

The prize for the final draw is a set of rubber playmat, Character Sleeve Collection EX, and a "Green Hunter, Feuille" promotional card with new illustration by Airi Hori.

Promotional Cards

The C and D prize comes with a random promotional card (5 different kind), each featuring a new illustration.

Color Number Name Type
Red P14-018 Excavation Craftsman, Mattock Z/X
Blue P14-019 Laser Scythe, Avior Z/X
White P14-020 Scoop-Chasing Munchkin Z/X
Black P14-021 Devil of Lament, Maeror Z/X
Green P14-022 Tempering Kick, Karin Z/X

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