Trading Card Item Kuji 3 (トレカアイテムくじ 第4弾) is the third Broccoli item kuji ("lottery") series for Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- after Broccoli Trading Card Item Kuji 2.

Prize Lists

Prize A

The A prize is Azumi Kagamihara rubber playmat.

Prize B

The B prize is a card supply set containing Sleeve Collection EX, card loader, separator, and Deck Case Collection MAX with two different design available.

Prize C

The C prize is a Deck Case Collection with three different design available.

Prize D

The D prize is a Card Box Collection with four different design available.

Promotional Cards

The D prize also comes with a random promotional card. There are 5 different promotional cards available.

Color Number Name Type
Red E02-P09 Idol Overlord, Laharl-chan Z/X
White P03-009 Guiding Ragdoll Z/X
Green P06-013 Singing Angelica Z/X
Blue P08-006 Transformed Temple, Gojuu Z/X
Black P08-010 Fluttering Cocoa Z/X

Prize E

The E prize is a Sleeve Collection EX with four different design available.

Final Draw

The prize for the final draw is Ayase Kamiyugi rubber playmat and promotional card.

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