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Break (ブレイク Bureiku) is a term that refer to the act of turning a Z/X into another Z/X from a specific zone, in which the former Z/X will become a face-down Force under the latter. If that Z/X is currently being attacked, the attack target will automatically changed to the new Z/X.

It also refer to the state of Z/X with face-down Force associated to it, most often because of the aforementioned act, and written as "Break State" (ブレイクしている Bureiku shiteiru) in the card text.

Comprehensive Rules

1018 Break

  • 1018.1 "Break" refers to the state of card with face-down Force associated to that card.
  • 1018.1a If the amount of face-down Force associated to a Break state card became 0 due to some ability, that card is no longer in Break state.
  • 1018.2 If there is an instruction to "one of (card A) on Square Breaks and turns into (card B) from [text]", the designated player choose a card A on Square, choose a card B from the designated zone, and reveal it if the card is in a hidden zone. Move the chosen card B to the Square of card A, move card A face-down to Force Zone as Force associated with card B, and card B appears in Reboot State. At this moment, if card A is currently in battle where it was attacked, change the attack target of that battle to card B, and continue the battle.
  • 1018.2a If you are unable to perform the "Break" instruction for any reason, that Break is not performed, then go back to the game state just before the Break is performed.
  • 1018.3 If a Force is face-down, that Force loses its ability.

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